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Traffic manager

We are seeking a Traffic manager to lead the Organization YouTube channels, websites, and Social Media platforms’ activities. To generate and optimize traffic across all channels (SEO, PPC, Targeting, SMO).


The core focus for the jobholder is to:

  • Create, launch and manage digital advertising campaigns;
  • Analyze effectiveness of the advertising campaigns, development recommendations for their optimization;


The jobholder will report to the Head of Marketing Department and work closely with the wider team.


Our ideal candidate has experience in SEO, online advertising, targeting.  Is well aware of PPC, SMM, AIDA, ODC, KeyCollector, SEOFrog, DirectManager, AdworsManager, RTB advertising. Has good communication skills, can speak and write clearly in plain simple language (English and Russian). Is attentive to details, can work in an organized manner using own knowledge and expertise to deliver on time and to standard.

Primary responsibilities
  •   Create advertising campaigns and promotion strategy for YouTube channels using Google AdWords;
  • Create digital advertising campaigns to promote content for company’s key customers;
  • Analyze the effectiveness of ongoing advertising campaigns for company’s clients and development of recommendations for their optimization;
  • Select and create a list of the most effective channels to attract traffic, depending on the goals set in an advertising campaign for a product;
  • Generate reports on completed advertising campaigns;
  • Develop and grow the platforms (YouTube, websites, etc.) by arranging and holding sponsored campaigns (Google Ad, Yandex Direct);
  • Monetize the above-mentioned platforms (YouTube, websites, etc.) via advertisement placement;
  • Work closely with Web manager for effective execution of SEO strategy;
  • Initiate joint social media and YouTube campaigns with the brand partners, monitor analytics, prepare reports;
  • Manage budget (YouTube/Ads), maintain ‘plan/ fact’ analyses, prepare reports;
General responsibilities
  • Work closely with the design team for regular posting of the materials; Arrange complex advertisement placement on licensees’ platforms (online cinemas, Apps, etc.);
  • Coordinate work of content managers.
Requirements essential to the position


  • Higher, Undergraduate in Marketing
  • YouTube, Google, Yandex certificates are an advantage Professional knowledge and experience

Skills and competencies

  • Advanced level of English.
  • Proficiency in all MS Office programs.
  • Ability to put forward their own views in a clear and constructive manner, choosing an appropriate communication method, e.g. email/ telephone/ face to face.
  • Ability to execute tasks independently, leading initiatives and cooperate with remote team members.
  • Ability to learn quickly and take new responsibilities; share learning with team and colleagues.
Requirements desirable to the position
  • Experience in licensing or intellectual property.
  • Knowledge of other foreign language/s (German, French, Spanish) will be considered as advantage.
To apply

Please forward your application to hr@animaccord.ru or contact HR Animaccord team at +7 (495) 230-01-81 ext.290/291


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