New Retail Initiatives in Europe

Animaccord is holding a number of retail activations across Europe

Animaccord and Italian Carrefour agreed on two waves of branded pallets placement this year. The first Back To School activation started on September 19 this year and lasted for 3 weeks. The second one is scheduled for Christmas.

In the UK Animaccord placed FSDUs in 150 stores in one of the key local toy specialist chain The Entertainer during 3 weeks in September to support the launch of Trefl and Tactic items. Meanwhile during November Animaccord and Simba are going to place TV commercials on Tiny Pop UK channel targeting another key toy specialist retail chain – Smyths. There will be also a special competition on Tiny Pop website with a chance to win a number of prize bundles.

Character.com, the largest independent online retailer of character clothing for children and adults, run Masha and the Bear site branding from September 23 to 30 timed to the launch of Aykroyd & Sons Ltd. branded autumn-winter pajamas in the UK & Ireland offering 10% discount for all the visitors. The action was supported by email blast and competition in social media.


3 October 2019
New Retail Initiatives in Europe
3 October 2019
Animaccord is holding a number of retail activations across Europe
Holiday Fun "Springs” into the Entertainer with Masha and the Bear
1 April 2019
Animaccord and Entertainer partnered together to carry out an exciting spring retail campaign
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