Favorite duo travelling around the world

Animaccord runs a series of Meet & Greet events across EMEA and Brazil

This year Animaccord runs a number of Masha and The Bear Meet & Greet events with the favorite characters duo across Europe and Brazil.

Favorite duo appeared in Poland M1 Czeladź Shopping Center to cheer their fans. The event was held by X5 on August 24 and 25. An intensive online advertising campaign held before the event resulted 500k reach from the Silesian agglomeration including over 33k views of ads on YouTube. Meet & Greet event was visited by 5,5k people, including more than 3k children. More than 2,5k plants were planted, around 400 liters of tea from Bear’s samovar drunk and over 3k memorable photos made. The participants also had a chance to win prizes from Animaccord licensees Trefl and Derform.

Masha and the Bear Meet & Greet held by its partner WarmUpIndustry, operating across Italy, took place on September 15 and 16 at Shopping Mall Il Parco, Calenzano, and at Shopping Mall Latinafiori, Latina. The licensee has already successfully held Masha and the Bear events this year including “Make a Wish” charity Meet & Greet and TV appearance of the duo at Rai YoYo program.

In Spain Meet & Greet event in Asturias Shopping Centre is set to take place from October 29 till November 2 this year, managed by Madhouse. In Switzerland Meet & Greet activities managed by StartLab were held on October 6 this year at Monte Tamaro in Adventure Park.

In addition, in Brazil Animaccord’s licensee Fun 4 Family is holding an amazing branded zone at Tamboré Shopping Mall in Barueri (Sao Paolo) till the end of 2019. Within the Q2 2019 over 5,8k tickets were sold which exceeds the result after Q1 2019 and the licensee is planning another tour for future year.

3 October 2019
Favorite duo travelling around the world
3 October 2019
Animaccord runs a series of Meet & Greet events across EMEA and Brazil
Masha and the Bear Live Events in the USA, Spain and MENA
24 May 2019
Animaccord Arranges a Series of Masha and the Bear Live events in the USA, Spain and MENA
Surprise Appearance of the Duo at Waterloo, UK
31 May 2019
Animaccord prepared a number of B2C activities across the UK among which was “A Magic Mirror” event realized by “3RockAR"
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