Animaccord and UNICEF Argentina Educational Campaign

Animaccord Collaborates with UNICEF Argentina for Educational Campaign

During May 2019, UNICEF distributed 200K of the monthly issue of its branded magazine in Argentina with a special double page educational activities with Masha and the Bear created and designed at Animaccord. The main aim of the project is to stimulate children's interest in studying process by: Masha's motivational tips based on the selected episodes, quiz on scientific and historical facts, coloring and other entertainment activities.


31 May 2019
Favorite duo travelling around the world
3 October 2019
Animaccord runs a series of Meet & Greet events across EMEA and Brazil
Masha and the Bear Live Events in the USA, Spain and MENA
24 May 2019
Animaccord Arranges a Series of Masha and the Bear Live events in the USA, Spain and MENA
Surprise Appearance of the Duo at Waterloo, UK
31 May 2019
Animaccord prepared a number of B2C activities across the UK among which was “A Magic Mirror” event realized by “3RockAR"
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