Animaccord takes new property to MIP in addition to Masha and the Bear

Fairyteens animated series created by co-producer of Masha and the Bear will be represented on this year's MIPCOM

Fairyteens, a new rapidly expanding 3D CGI fantasy & adventure series created by Dmitry Loveiko, co-producer of Masha and the Bear, follows the story of five little fairies who train to control their magical powers, cope with the dangers of the world around them, and interact with each other. Gradually, the little sorceresses learn that they are destined for an unusual and very responsible role, and the fate of the whole fairy world may depend on their actions. The show targets girls aged 6-8 and includes 2 Seasons with 26 X 11 min format.

Among the project’s strong brand identity and unique attributes are multi-tiered horizontal story (fantasy + sitcom), insightful and edutainment story, multicultural context and musical involvement. Music is one of the more important aspects of the series. The orchestral music themes are rhythmic and unique, while still easy to remember, and are designed specifically for each fairy and episode. The music is available on major music platforms including Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, Deezer and other more.

The show is widely broadcast on TV and VOD platforms in CIS, as well as rapidly growing on two branded YouTube channels, cumulating in over 54M views. The new episodes are uploaded on Fairyteens once a month and Fairyteens Play features Let’s play videos with Fairy-teens toys.  

Moreover, the project is acting on tech-driven content including Fay.net digital eco-system that emulates the Fairyteens universe allowing for interaction with target audience as well as a 3D Fairy Colouring app, both of which are available on AppStore and Google Play.

Animaccord proudly takes both projects – Masha and the Bear and Fairyteens – to represent on this year's MIPCOM. 

7 October 2021
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13 October 2022
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13 October 2022
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11 October 2022
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