Animaccord Unveils the Meet&Greet Events in Q1 across the Globe

In UAE, Masha and the Bear attracted up to 2 000 visitors per day during weekends for Meet&Greet events arranged by EventBox, performing a mini-show, entertaining little ones and adults as well taking memorable pictures with them.

The beginning of 2020 marked as a very busy period for Masha and the Bear by performing a series of Meet&Greet events for the beloved kids and adults fans across the world.

In Qatar and UAE in January 2020, the duo gave on-stage pocket-shows, the themed activity zones were set up by Animaccord’s partner EventBox and photo opportunities were available throughout 31 days in areas of six of the largest shopping malls like Mall of Qatar, Hyatt Plaza, Nakheel Mall at the Palm, etc. The Meet&Greet won great acclaim with up to 2 000 visitors per day on weekends at Nakheel Mall.

Besides, In Brazil Animaccord cooperated with two of the largest shopping malls of São Paolo thanks to the partner Fun4Family. A massive branded playground of 540 m2 was set in Itaquera Mall that includes horizontal climbing, butterfly hunt, fishing, snowballs, and other areas offering such activities as building musical instruments and masks, and Meet&Greet with the mascots that is available till April 2020. The area has been well received and already gathered thousands of visitors for 6 weeks. Moreover, during January-February 2020 in Guararapes Mall of Jaboatao dos Guararapes another branded zone managed by the local partner Happy Times was installed providing the real Masha and the Bear experience such as Bear’s house, Rabbit’s maze, Fishing lake, Pool of balls, Slides and trampoline, etc.

In Poland, a branded space with thematic activities as tea parties with Samovar, team games, planting plants and catching butterflies were available for families in six of the largest shopping malls as Galardia Shopping Center and Atrium Kasztanowa Shopping Mall in major cities (including Wroclaw and Poznan) throughout wintertime finishing in February 2020 thanks to Animaccord’s partner X5. Even more mini-performances with songs, dancing and drawing masterclasses with the beloved characters were held by the local agent Lisans in ones of the most popular shopping malls of Turkey: 9 cities covered (including Istanbul and Ankara) and 59 days of events totally (December 2019 – February 2020). In France, a branded Masha and the Bear ice rink with an option of Meet&Greet with characters was designed for Aushopping Brétigny-sur-Orge, one the largest Auchan shopping malls in the Parisian region, and was launched for February 2020 by Animaccord’s partner MadHouse.

Furthermore, Masha and the Bear walking mascots participate, thanks to the local agent La Panaderia, in regular BBFest tour held in Mexico twice a year by Suburbia, the department retailer that has 124 stores in 30 states of the Mexican Republic. The characters give away cardboard puppets to customers, get children involved into arts & craft activities and encourage small ones to dress up like Masha and Bear at weekends at stores of Mexico City: Parroquia, El Rosario, Zocalo, Antenas and Cuemanco. Another big Meet&Greet tour 2020 with Masha and the Bear walking mascots has started in February till October 2020 in one of the UK’s largest toy retail stores, ‘The Entertainer’.


6 March 2020
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7 July 2023
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17 February 2023
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21 February 2023
The Masha and the Bear interactive forest experience is scheduled on the Abu Dhabi stage in April 2023


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