Animaccord Announces Its Licensing Agencies

Animaccord announces its new licensing agents in France, Germany and Iberia.

Animaccord has inked a deal with global entertainment and brand licensing agency CPLG to lead the licensing program of Masha and the Bear in the sphere of consumer products and promotional campaigns in Germany and Iberia. 

In France, Animaccord announces cooperation with France TV, which will search for new CP partnership programs for Masha and the Bear as well as promo activities to increase the awareness of the brand in the region.

5 June 2019
Aykroyd & Sons Ltd. Launched Masha and the Bear Pajamas in the UK & Ireland
13 September 2019
Aykroyd & Sons Ltd. hit the UK & Ireland market with branded sleaping wear
Consumer Products Take Centre Stage across Europe, Turkey and Asia
10 September 2019
Animaccord announces a series of CP launches in Eastern Europe, Turkey and Asia
Animaccord Partnered with Neutrocare to Bring on Brazil Market Personal Care Products
23 August 2019
Animaccord and manufacturer of baby personal care products Neutrocare will release a branded line of personal care products in Brazil
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