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P&G to Launch Pampers with Masha and the Bear
25 September 2023
Babies across the MENA region to sleep sweet and safely in Pampers Night with the favorite cartoon characters
Masha and the Bear Reached Trillion Minutes of Watchtime on YouTube
22 September 2023
The total content views on the platform hit 150 BILLION
Animaccord unveils another Masha and the Bear’s outlet
20 September 2023
The series’ second fully branded venue opens in the world's largest shopping mall
Masha and the Bear Strengthens its Licensing Performance in Italy
1 September 2023
Animaccord's beloved animated brand ensures a strong foothold in Italy
Animaccord and EventBox arrange a family event in UAE
7 July 2023
Masha and the Bear welcome their UAE fans at City Centre Ajman
Masha and the Bear Makes TV Azteca Debut
9 June 2023
The cartoon’s core seasons and spin-offs premiered on one of the majors TV networks in Mexico
Animaccord to Bring Masha and the Bear to Sandbox’s Streaming Services
9 June 2023
The cartoon will entertain children in over 75 countries worldwide
SHEIN Exposes Masha and the Bear Brand in Australasia
6 June 2023
Global online retailer brand launches licensed apparel by fall’23
Animaccord arranges a live show in the Middle East for the first time
21 February 2023
The Masha and the Bear interactive forest experience is scheduled on the Abu Dhabi stage in April 2023
Masha and the Bear joins one of the most famous festivals in Italy
17 February 2023
The cartoon characters are the only kids’ IP to participate in The Carnival of Avola
Animaccord Acquires a New Master Toy Partner in Europe
6 February 2023
Giochi Preziosi Becomes a Master Toy partner for Masha and the Bear Brand in EU
In memory of Andrei Svislotsky...
21 December 2022
Animaccord suffered an irreparable loss in the face of a talented animator and one of the cartoon directors
Animaccord Arranges Dolce Vita for Masha and the Bear in Europe
13 October 2022
The new episodes will be launched on the leading TV channels in Italy and France
Animaccord’s “Shorties” Rock Facebook and YouTube
13 October 2022
Since the launch, new Masha and the Bear spinoff gained around 30 million total views on social network
Masha Steals the Show to Spread Real-life Joy
13 October 2022
Animaccord is Spreading Happiness Among the Audience Through Live Events with Masha and the Bear
MBC GROUP Brings “Masha and the Bear” Latest Season to Screens across MENA
11 October 2022
Animaccord’s licensing agent and media partner for MENA TV premiered the cartoon’s Season 5 in the region
Masha Ventures Further Into France
12 September 2022
French consumers will see new Masha and the Bear products on shelves
The Brand Lands Raft Of Italian Licensees
12 September 2022
Animaccord сontinues a complex licensing activity for its IP in Italy
Animaccord Drives Licensing Program in Iberia
12 September 2022
The company has recently carried out a number of new CP deals in the region
Animaccord Studio Premiers New Animated Series
8 July 2022
The “Shorties”, which features the world-famous characters Masha and the Bear in a new format, will be exclusively released on social media
Masha and the Bear suits up with a new apparel deal in Japan
28 June 2022
Japanese second-largest clothing chain Shimamura has launched a collection of branded T-shirts inspired by the cartoon
Masha and the Bear’s TOP in-demand kids show for the 2 years in a row
24 May 2022
According to Parrot Analytics data as of May 2022, Masha is the leading pre-school show worldwide. The series has topped the chart since 2021
Animaccord presents rebranding for Masha and the Bear
24 May 2022
For the first time since the launch of the show in 2009 Animaccord has carried out a major rebranding campaign
Masha sings for the first time in China
24 May 2022
Animaccord premieres Masha’s Songs on multiple media platforms across China
Animaccord presents special episode of Masha and the Bear dedicated to 100 BILLION views on YouTube
7 December 2021
Moreover, another cartoon’s YouTube channel in Arabic has been awarded the Diamond Play Button
Masha and the Bear’s Season 5 to make UK TV debut on Tiny Pop
11 November 2021
The premiere will follow with a Christmas advent calendar and other marketing campaigns across the country
Fairyteens named as the finalist of Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival
22 October 2021
One of the leading industry festivals in Asia recognizes Fairyteens animated series
Animaccord takes new property to MIP in addition to Masha and the Bear
7 October 2021
Fairyteens animated series created by co-producer of Masha and the Bear will be represented on this year's MIPCOM
Animaccord’s Masha and the Bear Hits 100 Billion Views Worldwide on YouTube
7 September 2021
The animated series has reached another milestone by hitting 100 billion views worldwide on YouTube
Masha and the Bear leads the ranking of most in-demand kids’ series globally
20 August 2021
The animated series is now #2 show for children worldwide behind only SpongeBob SquarePants and #1 for preschoolers
Animaccord’s new content hits the various major media outlets in France
23 June 2021
France Televisions pick up new Masha and the Bear content
Havaianas introduces new flip flops with Masha and the Bear to the global market
16 June 2021
The legendary Flip Flops with the animated series characters is already available in the Asia Pacific with the further distribution to Europe, Latin America and other territories across the world
Televisa to premier new Masha and the Bear content on TV in Mexico
31 May 2021
Along with a series of prolongations the Mexican broadcaster launches new content of Masha and the Bear
Animaccord recognized as a Brand of the Year
22 April 2021
The Think Global Forum named Animaccord a Winner in the Brand of the Year category
Masha and the Bear ranks TOP-2 kids shows
21 April 2021
The animated series goes up in the list of most in-demand children's shows globally
Animaccord has “cooked up” new deal with restaurant brand
14 April 2021
Japanese restaurant brand Tanuki will launch Masha and the Bear kids’ meals in CIS
Animaccord Makes Another Global Step In Crocs
23 March 2021
The new fashion collaboration will bring Masha and the Bear footwear collection worldwide this year
Animaccord and KIKA announce new broadcasting deal
19 March 2021
The leading German kids’ TV broadcaster KiKA has picked up new Masha and the Bear content
Masha and the Bear establishes itself as a TOP-20 show in Poland
25 February 2021
The animated series has a strong presence in the country supported by key media, marketing campaigns, and new CP deals for the region
Masha and the Bear is among top kids’ entertainment brands
19 February 2021
Kidz global has shared January 2021 edition on the world’s most favorite kids entertainment brands
Animaccord and RAI to premier New Season of Masha and the Bear in Italy
15 February 2021
The cartoon’s Season 5 to launch in May 2021 on RAI YOYO, the leading Italian children’s channel
Adherence to local health regulations made multiple Meet&Greet events possible in Europe, MENA, and Asia
27 January 2021
Due to the implementation of tools to support local health and safety measures, company’s partners for live events together with shopping malls met the demand for licensed events across various regions  
Masha and the Bear doubles its English-speaking YouTube audience in 2020
15 January 2021
The channel has grown to 20 million subscribers over the past year
Animaccord and Amazon Prime Video “power up” new collaboration for Masha and the Bear
11 January 2021
Companies confirmed multi-territory and long-term strategic relationship
Animaccord To Spread Christmas Magic with Multi-territorial Advent Give Away
16 December 2020
The company, with the support of its top partners, launches Masha and the Bear digital advent calendar across Europe
The Land of Legends Brings to Life Dreamlike World of Masha and the Bear
25 November 2020
Animaccord partnered with Rixos Group to present the first-ever licensed area in famous Theme Park in Turkey
Industry in China recognizes Masha as Best Animated Series
20 November 2020
The cartoon was honored with Silver trophy for the Golden Dolphin Award at Xiamen International Animation Festival
Animaccord inks its first-ever publishing deal for New Zealand
17 November 2020
“Masha and the Bear” licensed books will be launched in early 2021 across the country
Masha & Foxford school to teach kids general safety rules
5 November 2020
Foxford, an online education platform, together with the main characters of Masha and the Bear animated series launches “Safety Lessons” for 4–12 years old children, touching upon the most pressing external and internal threats of their age group. Educational process will be supervised by the beloved kids' character Masha and Tutta Larsen, the former MTV VJ and amazing mom of three
Tubular Report: Masha is in TOP-10 Most Watched Kids Shows Globally
3 November 2020
Tubular Labs has unveiled the list of TOP-10 'Made for Kids' creators by views on YouTube
Danone Introduces new fruit pouches with Masha and the Bear characters in Eastern Europe
23 October 2020
Animaccord brings a licensed collection of fruit pouches under their local brand names in selected territories across Eastern Europe
Masha and the Bear travelling comfortably with Rossiya Airlines
23 October 2020
New promo TVC features Masha and the Bear using the entertainment multimedia services available on Rossiya Airlines long-haul flights
Animaccord named Finalist at the International Business Excellence Awards 2020
21 October 2020
International Business Excellence Awards 2020 recognized the Company as one of three winners
Animaccord launches “Masha’s Songs” on Tiny Pop this October
12 October 2020
Supported by a comprehensive UK marketing campaign including an on-air competition on Tiny Pop, an in-store promotion at The Entertainer, and new CP deals for the region
Masha and the Bear are the first-ever characters to endorse Kinder Mix
6 October 2020
The first ever licensed Christmas collection of Kinder Mix will be launched this winter in Russia
Masha and the Bear episode included on “BEST OF THE WORLD” list
31 August 2020
Animation Festival HIROSHIMA 2020 has added the series in its special program
Animaccord announces the release of new projects on Kinopoisk
13 August 2020
Cleo&Сuquin and Super Dinosaur are available exclusively in online cinema Kinopoisk HD
Animaccord premieres a new season of "Masha and the Bear" in 4K
29 July 2020
The release of Season 5 will be held exclusively in online cinema Kinopoisk HD
Masha and the Bear Named TOP-5 Kids’ Entertainment Brands
28 July 2020
Kidz Global has unveiled the list of the most favorite kids’ entertainment brands for April 2020
Animaccord Sources New Licensing Agent for Masha and The Bear in GAS
20 July 2020
Bavaria Sonor Licensing has been assigned as a new agent for the property in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland
Animaccord Renews a Multi-territorial Deal with Egmont
10 July 2020
Egmont secures Masha and the Bear publishing collection in selected territories across Europe
Animaccord Premieres Masha's Season 4 on TV in Italy
5 June 2020
RAI is planning a grand premiere of the first episode of Masha’s Songs devoted to Italy on June 7th
Animaccord Hits the Road to China with the First CP launch
22 May 2020
Guangdong D&G Trading Limited will bring Masha and the Bear toy collection across the country in August 2020
Animaccord Wins Communicator Awards 2020
15 May 2020
Animaccord’s commercial spot for Yandex.Taxi received the Award of Excellence for the 26th Annual Communicator Awards
Animaccord Inks a Global “Sweet Deal” with PEZ
14 May 2020
PEZ will launch the branded candy-dispensers by early 2021 across the various territories
Animaccord Recognized as a Gold Winner for Muse Creative Awards
28 April 2020
Muse Creative Awards announces the winners of its annual international competition ranking Animaccord as the Gold Winner for its joint campaign with Rossiya Airlines
Animaccord Brings “Cleo&Cuquin” to Netflix Globally
21 April 2020
Animaссord, following its successful partnership with Netflix for its IP Masha and the Bear, is taking a pre-school series “Cleo&Cuquin” produced by Anima, to the new, global level
Animaccord premieres new Masha and the Bear content in Iberia
16 April 2020
Canal Panda makes a debut of Season 4 in Spain and releases new episodes of Season 3 in Portugal
Animaccord Launches “All in the Family” Campaign to Cheer the Audience up during the Lockdown
13 April 2020
The company supports all fans across the world during the quarantine by arranging a complex campaign “All in the Family" with new Masha and the Bear content and entertainment activities
"Masha and the Bear" is in TOP-10 most-watched shows in Europe during the lockdown
31 March 2020
Parrot Analytics published the results of independent research on the most in-demand kids’ shows in Europe and North America during the lockdown
Animaccord Expands its CP Roster in Asia
25 March 2020
Vietnam, India and Indonesia will see new Masha and the Bear products on shelves
Animaccord Teams Up with CCTV
10 March 2020
For the first time Masha and the Bear is bounding onto the top children's TV channel in China - CCTV14
Animaccord Unveils the Meet&Greet Events in Q1 across the Globe
6 March 2020
In UAE, Masha and the Bear attracted up to 2 000 visitors per day during weekends for Meet&Greet events arranged by EventBox, performing a mini-show, entertaining little ones and adults as well taking memorable pictures with them.
Animaccord Spreads Love in Italy
21 February 2020
On St. Valentine's Day Animaccord organized a special surprise appearance of Masha and the Bear in Naples to express their love for the Italian fans and city tourists
Ferrero Launches Licensed Collections across Various Territories
20 February 2020
Ferrero brings Masha and the Bear Kinder Grand Surprise eggs to retail shelves in Latin America, Europe and CIS
No Work All Carnival - Masha and the Bear at Сarnival in Brazil!
19 February 2020
Animaccord and IBWT arranged Carnival in Brazil that has gathered over 10 000 adults and kids
Animaccord continues to take root in the Brazilian market
14 February 2020
Animaccord introduces new CP projects in South America
Animaccord and Spin Master Inked Deal for “Super Dinosaur”
11 February 2020
Spin Master confirmed Animaccord to manage media and licensing representation for the children’s animation series in selected regions
New Consumer Products are in the spotlight in Turkey
7 February 2020
Egemen Group, Sardas Cosmetics, Kampotu... Animaccord brings new consumer products deals for Masha and the Bear property in Turkey
Animaccord Brings Masha and the Bear for the first time to China
23 January 2020
Xigua Video, Chinese video platform, launches the cartoon in January 2020
Masha and the Bear won the YouTube "diamond awards"
21 January 2020
The official channels of the cartoon in English, Portuguese and Spanish reached an audience of 10 million each
Cartoon "Masha and the Bear" is named one of the most popular children's shows in the world
1 December 2019
Parrot Analytics has published the results of an independent study on the most in-demand kids’ shows worldwide.
Favorite duo travelling around the world
3 October 2019
Animaccord runs a series of Meet & Greet events across EMEA and Brazil
Amazing Live Shows in Czech Republic and Hungary
3 October 2019
Live Shows in Hungary and Czech Republic
Animaccord is Spreading Masha and the Bear Season 4 Globally
3 October 2019
Masha and the Bear Season 4 named “Masha’s Songs” has been confirmed to be launched on Netflix and other outlets around the world
Masha and the Bear continue its adventure on Cartoon Network in Turkey
3 October 2019
Warner Media and Animaccord launched Masha and the Bear on Cartoon Network Turkey
New Retail Initiatives in Europe
3 October 2019
Animaccord is holding a number of retail activations across Europe
Aykroyd & Sons Ltd. Launched Masha and the Bear Pajamas in the UK & Ireland
13 September 2019
Aykroyd & Sons Ltd. hit the UK & Ireland market with branded sleaping wear
Consumer Products Take Centre Stage across Europe, Turkey and Asia
10 September 2019
Animaccord announces a series of CP launches in Eastern Europe, Turkey and Asia
Content Drives Growth Across Europe and MENA
30 August 2019
Masha and the Bear Season 3 continues to make waves across key territories
Animaccord Partnered with Neutrocare to Bring on Brazil Market Personal Care Products
23 August 2019
Animaccord and manufacturer of baby personal care products Neutrocare will release a branded line of personal care products in Brazil
“Recipe for Disaster” the Only Animation Video that Gained More than FOUR BILLION Views on YouTube
31 July 2019
“Masha and the Bear” cartoon, which is popular around the world from Europe to Latin America, Asia and Arab countries, doesn’t stop to surprise with its records
Animaccord Partners with Herotainment, LLC for a New Animated Property “Smighties” Created by the Emmy Award-Winning Team
29 July 2019
Animaccord announces its partnership to become the official Media Agent for the children’s animated property, “Smighties”
Animaccord Together with Corus Entertainment Initiate the “National Bear Day” Broadcast Campaign on Treehouse
29 July 2019
Animaccord is launching a special broadcast campaign of Masha and the Bear on Treehouse dedicated to National Bear Day
Animaccord Announces Its Licensing Agencies
5 June 2019
Animaccord announces its new licensing agents in France, Germany and Iberia.
Animaccord and Danone Launched a Line of Branded Drinking Water in Mexico
31 May 2019
Animaccord and Danone released a line of drinking water with Masha and the Bear under its brand Bonafort Kids
Animaccord and UNICEF Argentina Educational Campaign
31 May 2019
Animaccord Collaborates with UNICEF Argentina for Educational Campaign
Surprise Appearance of the Duo at Waterloo, UK
31 May 2019
Animaccord prepared a number of B2C activities across the UK among which was “A Magic Mirror” event realized by “3RockAR"
Masha and The Bear Online Retail Activation with White Chrystal
30 May 2019
ELC and Animaccord in cooperation with White Chrystal held Masha and the Bear online retail promotion
New Masha and The Bear Products
30 May 2019
A pool of Animaccord licensees in the category of board games and puzzles has been extended by the recent additions of Trefl and Lisciani.
Masha and the Bear Live Events in the USA, Spain and MENA
24 May 2019
Animaccord Arranges a Series of Masha and the Bear Live events in the USA, Spain and MENA
Animaccord Announces a Series of CP Launches Across Asia
22 May 2019
Animaccord announces new licensees in Asia with a view to launching new Masha and The Bear character merchandise for 2019 and beyond.
Brand New Episodes of Masha and the Bear
21 May 2019
Animaccord is to deliver brand new episodes of season 3 on TV in a number of territories
Holiday Fun "Springs” into the Entertainer with Masha and the Bear
1 April 2019
Animaccord and Entertainer partnered together to carry out an exciting spring retail campaign


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