Collaboration with the Premium Hotel Chain - Italian Hospitality Collection

Italian Hospitality Collection, a premium resorts & spas’ chain, partnered with Animaccord in 2015 to arrange branded areas and activities in Chia Laguna Resort, Sardinia. The special project was carried out by the local representative of Animaccord, Maurizio Distefano Licensing.

The special project with Italian Hospitality Collection was initiated for the Chia Laguna resort that is located in Sardinia. During the holiday season, the hotels at Chia Laguna offers the special room services for families with kids that provide Masha and the Bear licensed assets. Moreover, the promo includes branded areas in the resort's hotel. 


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Last year Samsung chose Masha and the Bear to endorse the massive communication campaign for their tablets in Italy that ran from November, 2018 to February, 2019.
Narhinel, a widely used nasal aspirator for newborns and toddlers, ran a joint promo campaign with Masha and the Bear as the most popular animated kids' brand in Italy.


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