Christmas Fairytale at Café Pouchkine

Together with the team of the legendary “Café Pouchkine” restaurant, operated by Maison Dellos, we brought to life the real Christmas Magic with Masha and the Bear in the restaurants in Paris and Moscow during the Season.

Campaign Period: December 2018 - February 2019

Campaign Included:
• Special dessert menu: the world famous French Chef pâtisserie, Nina Métayer, has created the traditional treat of the Season 'Christmas Log' with the cartoon's characters as well as the brand new The Bear and Masha desserts. The special Masha and the Bear menu also included the branded box of macaroons with different flavors, the choice of which was based on the sweet treats featured in the series such as The Bear's honey, Masha's berry jams, and more.
• Windows decorations with 3-D Masha and the Bear
• Series of Meet&Greet events with mascots in restaurants

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In December, 2018, by the 10th anniversary of Masha and the Bear first release, the series was included in the Guinness World Records 2019 book as the most watched cartoon on YouTube. Today the total number of cartoon views on the platform exceeds 50 BILLION that makes Masha and the Bear a true YouTube phenomenon and us – the experts in content management on the platform.
Starting with October, 2018 Animaccord initiated the launches of Masha and the Bear official stores on Amazon for various markets across the world.


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