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Masha and the Bear took part at RLF 2013

01 January 1970

The Russian Licensing Forum was a very important and influential event for us, because it was the first time that the brand took part. Masha's image has been significantly raised over the course of this year, which culminated in it's winning «Brand of the Year» award and becoming the most popular video on Russian YouTube. According to TIA’s rating, the property made over a $100 million last year, making it as successful as other cartoons such as Peppa Pig and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, not to mention the fact that it is by far the most successful Russian animation project currently in the market. This fact appealed many visitors to Masha’s booth. On top of that, our private conference within the exhibition ran very smoothy and we got the chance to discuss with our current partners and agencies like Ink and UDC Licensing Agency, as well as potential new ones. The Russian forum helped us to make sure that we generated as much interest as possible in Masha and the Bear and we are very excited to keep working hard and keep reaching for the stars.