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News > Masha and the Bear Introducing their new adventures throughout countries and continents


Masha and the Bear Introducing their new adventures throughout countries and continents

09 June 2016

Masha and the Bear, a popular 3D animated family show that has already attracted extensive amount of households to screens all around the world, announces a number of new episode launches as well as the release of spin-off projects on leading TV channels and other types of media in the EMEA, MENA, North and Latin America.


In January 2016 two large European TV channels, Rai Yo-Yo in Italy and PIWI+ in France, released a second season of Masha and the Bear that includes 26 episodes with notably improved quality of animation compared to the previous season; further integration of secondary characters into the storyline as well as additional  Masha scenarios including appearances in various popular likenesses such as  Audrey Hepburn, Avatar, Sherlock Holmes and etc. The second season of the series will be also available in Portugal in December on paid TV channel Panda Canal. Moreover, in May Rai Yo-Yo and PIWI+ launched the first spin-off project from the core show – Masha’s Tales – that includes 26 folk stories which Masha interprets in her own hilarious manner, mixing up both storylines and characters, but always coming up with original and sound morals of the story.


Given the fact that Masha and the Bear is a unique property based on the concept of  representing the basic Parent-Child relationship relatable  to each nation and ethnicity, Masha and the Bear gained significant popularity in the Middle East as well. This tendency led Spacetoon, a large TV broadcaster in the region, to purchase the new 13 episodes of the series to complete the second season with the start of airing in July

Furthermore, this summer in Asia, HTV3 channel in Vietnam and ANTV in Indonesia will introduce the second season of Masha and the Bear and the spin-off project – Masha’s Tales – to the audience. In addition, both seasons of Masha and the Bear series will run in Thailand on the free channel - Tru4U and paid – TruSpark since the summer.


This year Masha and the Bear will expand into Latin and North America with licensed products demonstrating strong media support in both continents. In Latin America, a large Brazilian channel, SBT released Masha and the Bear show on the 30th of May. As for the US and Canada, NETFLIX, a world’s leading media giant, is preparing a massive launch of Masha and the Bear second season that’s scheduled on the 1st of August.  Moreover, the broadcaster has already released a first spin-off - Masha’s Tales - in February and planning to run Masha’s Spooky Stories in October.


In addition, a world famous and respected British studio, Pinewood has recently started a promo campaign to support a launch of a brand new cinema experience for pre-schoolers “Little screen” that will also include Masha and the Bear episode “Jam Day”. The programme is planned to run in selected Showcase Cinemas across the UK. The first performance of the “Little screen” is scheduled for the 18th of June.


Masha and the Bear – two hilarious characters of the world’s favorite family series – are jumping together across the Earth to share their fascinating stories with parents and kids and who knows in which countries they’d be tomorrow.

Masha and the Bear today

Animaccord has recently started a production of the third season of Masha and the Bear show and intensively working on the 26 new episodes to finish by the middle of 2018. Moreover, the first 4 episodes of the 3rd season have been already released on the MashaMedvedTV YouTube channel in Russian. As for today, the channel counts almost 8 billion views with more than 6, 2 million subscribers from all over the world. Finally, for the last six months the channel has been constantly included in the list of TOP-10 most viewed YouTube channels worldwide and, overall, Masha and the Bear content on YouTube has been watched over 13 billion times.