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News > Galapagos to release Season 2 in Poland


Galapagos to release Season 2 in Poland

13 July 2016

Galapagos, an independent media distribution company based in Poland, is going to launch new licensed DVDs with Masha and the Bear series. The collection will contain three separate parts of the Season 2 episodes as well as a box set of three parts with the entire season. According to the Galapagos officials, the start of sales is already scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2016.

The company is planning to distribute the DVDs with the show’s 26 x 7min episodes to the world’s leading mass and specialized retailers operating in Poland such as Tesco, MediaMarkt, Saturn, empik and etc.

Since the first release of the show in Poland, the popularity of Masha and the Bear series has been constantly soaring among kids and their parents. The new season has a notably improved quality of animation compared to the previous season, showing new Masha appearances in various popular likenesses such as Audrey Hepburn, Avatar, Sherlock Holmes or even Maria Sharapova. There are going to be some important lessons for parents as well.

Agnieszka Mielech, Head of Marketing at Galapagos Films, says: “We are very excited about upcoming release of Masha and the Bear season 2 on DVD that is planned for Q4. Season 1, launched back on 2015, had great commercial success. Each of the three released SKUs scored top positions on leading retailers’ charts. Masha and the Bear, beloved children characters, were much awaited Christmas gifts. For 2016 release of season 2 Galapagos is planning as outstanding activities as in the recent year. Masha and the Bear will be positioned as one of top promoted Xmas brand that will appear at all retailers stocking DVDs. New refreshed FSDUs and other POPs are planned and also media activities (TV, print, social media, on-line). We expect that new season will be enthusiastically accepted by consumers and retail partners.”