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Duo’s adventures on Tiny Pop

31 January 2018

In December 2017, Ink Group and Animaccord partnered with CSC Media Group, a subsidiary of Sony Pictures Television, to bring Masha and the Bear Season 1 to Tiny POP, in the UK for the first time. Following success of the Season 1 Animaccord will introduce its two spin offs projects Masha’s Tales and Masha’s Spooky stories, in February and April respectively. Moreover, the core show of Masha and the Bear Season 2 will be released in June. Tiny Pop is a free-to-air children's television channel in the United Kingdom. Broadcast on many of the major digital television platforms in the UK, its target audience is children aged 7 and under. The channel successfully launched Masha and the Bear Season 1 on December, 11 in 2017. Since launch Tiny Pop showed Masha 163 times. Since then Masha and the Bear ranks in the top 5 shows on Tiny Pop for kids 4-15. Its popularity lies among the younger 4-6-year olds, who comprise 74% of its audience.