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News > Animaccord and Docomo Digital Release New App Across the World


Animaccord and Docomo Digital Release New App Across the World

22 February 2019

Animaccord has closed a deal with Docomo Digital to develop subscription-based licensed app that will be available for download on the App Store or Google Play starting February 2019. The app with Masha and the Bear series as well as Masha’s Tales and Masha’s Spooky Stories will be available in 17 countries including Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Uruguay, Spain, UK, Italy, Portugal, Poland, Russia, Turkey, Australia, Republic of South Africa.


Docomo Digital will introduce this licensed app with a compelling new interactive design to let children into the world of Masha and the Bear. This app has been developed as an immersive ads-free digital zone for kids with robust parental control. The mini-games, exclusively developed by Docomo Digital, include the classic Memo game, Colouring Book and Paint activity, enriched by an interactive “drag and drop” module to allow users to create their own Masha visuals using static backgrounds and dynamic stickers. A mini-piano app enables kids to undertake music discovery as they experience dancing Masha characters. Another feature is a state-of-the-art Selfie app which provides a Masha Photo Booth to kids and parents alike.   


“Our partnership with Animaccord to bring the increasingly popular Masha and the Bear series in this unique app experience marks an important milestone for our portfolio of content partnerships.  Parents around the world are becoming increasingly discerning about safety around digital content being consumed by their children, and rightly so. Our teams were focussed on creating a safe environment which is no less engaging and interactive for the young audience.”, said Mr. Hiroyuki Sato, CEO at DOCOMO Digital on the development.


Olga Khabibullina, Senior Media Manager at Animaccord commented, “We are very excited to present a new Masha and the Bear app developed by DOCOMO Digital team, The app has been designed by highest standards of kids safety in digital as well as creative, innovative and interactive approach that will create the unique experience for kids and parents watching and playing Masha's content within the app.”